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Metallic Paint – Rose Gold 100ml

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Pure acrylic metallic paint with glossy finish and metallic lustre. For Interior and Exterior applications.

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Rose Gold is a beautiful gold-sterling silver alloy infused with a delicate pink pigment.

Pure acrylic metallic paints with glossy finish and metallic lustre. For Interior and Exterior applications.

Perfect for professional artists, feature walls, cornices, exterior house highlights, kitchen cupboards, doors, pillars, roof domes, plant pots, garden furniture, hotel foyers, movie & theatre sets, arts and crafts and general décor.

Enjoy the environmental and health benefits of using water-based metallic paints.

Water based technology suitable for application by brush & roller, airless spray and air spray equipment.

Hard, durable, stain resistant, easy to clean finish.

What you need to know about application

If Painting feature walls, large surfaces, very smooth surfaces or spraying our Metallic Paints then it is essential you read our document, “How to Paint with Metallic Paints” (please request this!). These paints cannot be used in the same way that normal paints are used so some knowledge is necessary and even practice is recommended. You can download this document from this web page, from the Technical section of this website or we can email it to you.

Our document, “How to Paint with Metallic Paints” covers both painting with brush & roller and spraying. Below is only a summary of important points.
The important points when using a brush and roller are the following:
  • Keep a wet edge (critical for large surfaces).
  • Dilute the paint a little if required (critical for very smooth surfaces and for very large surfaces when conditions are prone to give fast drying).
  • Use correct roller movements (when painting a wall move the roller only up and down).
  • Use excellent quality rollers.

Always start on one side or corner (not in the middle) and keep a wet edge. To assist keeping a wet edge do not paint in conditions that speed up paint drying. Don’t paint in direct sunlight or in a breeze and apply primer or undercoat to porous surfaces to avoid absorption. When painting large surfaces such as walls, a second painter is necessary to do the cutting-in and the person with the roller must go over as much of the cut-in area as possible while it is still wet.

For very smooth surfaces you can dilute the paint with 5-7% water (50-70ml water added and mixed into 1 litre paint). This will reduce brush marks but may make it necessary to apply an extra coat.

Roller movements should be up and down or left to right but not both and not diagonal or haphazard. A second painter is also useful to assist moving the ladder so that the next area can be painted before the previous area dries too much. The final roller motion should always be in the same direction e.g. down.

Sticky rollers may cause slippage. Off-balance rollers will leave the appearance of barring in the dry paint. Use new good quality rollers and soft brushes.

The important points when spraying are the following:

  • Dilute the paint to increase its flow.
  • Remove the in-line spay gun filter if necessary.
  • Use the correct spray gun nozzle size.

For air-spaying the paint can be diluted with 14% water (140ml water per 1 litre of paint). Our Acrylic Airbrush Medium is perfect for spay applications that require paint with a very high flow. This Medium dramatically thins the paint for spraying without any detrimental effects.

Spray guns that connect to a compressor and operate at high pressure (e.g. 5 bar). If you dilute the paint with 14% water or Airbrush Medium and use a nozzle with about 1.8mm diameter then you should be successful.

Spay guns that have their own air generation unit built in usually operate at low pressure (e.g. 0.1-0.2 bar). They may not work with these paints but request our document “How to Paint with Metallic Paints”.

Appearance can be influenced by the light

The appearance of metallic paints can change as the viewing angle changes and as lighting changes.

Keep out of reach of children
All our products should be kept out of reach of children under 5 years and anybody who may tend to place items or liquids in their mouths should be supervised. Even packing can become a choking hazard.


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